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Special braided hoses

Rubber hoses with one or two steel braids. Planned to give the best in extreme conditions and with particular applications, they guarantee the best possibile performance in case of extreme temperature, high pressure and specific uses.
The range includes:

  • Extreme temperature

    • Vulcan 1SN – 2SN – 1SC – 2SC
    • Iceberg 1SN – 2SN – 3SN – 1SC – 2SC
    • Dolomiti 1SN – 2SN – 1SC – 2SC
  • High pressure

    • Tekno/1SC PLUS
    • Tekno/2SC PLUS
    • Premier
    • TeknoMaster
    • TeknoJack
    • ForThree
  • Specific applications

    • Lift-Plus
    • Servocomando
    • Slim
    • Sewer cleaning

Pressure wash hoses

Rubber hoses with one or two steel braids, used in high pressure water jet cleaners. Safety factor 2.5:1
The range includes:

  • TeknoJet/1SN
  • TeknoJet/2SN
  • TeknoJet/1SC
  • TeknoJet/2SC
  • TeknoJet/1ST
  • TeknoJet/2ST
  • TeknoJet Plus 1SN
  • TeknoJet Plus 2SN

Spiral hoses

Rubber hoses with four or six high tensile steel spirals, used in high and very high pressure systems. All our spiral hoses respect the standard required by Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).
The range includes:

  • TeknoSpir/4SP
  • TeknoSpir/4SH
  • TeknoSpir/12
  • TeknoSpir/13
  • TeknoSpir/15

Special spiral hoses

The real flagship of the Vitillo production, the special spiral hoses are planned to guarantee high performance and reliability in the worst condition of use.
The range includes:

  • High temperature

    • Iceberg 4SP – 4SH – R12 – R13 – R15
  • High flexibility

    • Elastik/4000
    • Elastik/5000
    • Elastik/6000
  • Very high pressure

    • TeknoBlast
    • TeknoBlast Plus

Optional coverage

It is possibile to request our hoses even with special coverage which guarantee a better abrasion resistance and to action of the ozone. The alternatives available for the customer are:

  • Evergreen coverage – High abrasion resistance, MSHA approved
  • Forever coverage – Extreme abrasion resistance

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