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The hydraulic hose range is specifically designed for hydraulic systems and equipment in many different sectors such as construction machines, mining, industrial processes, agriculture, road construction equipment, drilling, forestry machines, material handling and lifting, road transportation, marine, offshore and many others.

The Manuli Hydraulics UNIVERSAL hose range meets ISO, EN and SAE international norms whilst the EXTREME hose range is designed to meet special performance and requirements in the OEM market, often in severe applications.

The EXTREME hose family are high performance products, designed for high demanding applications with superior abrasion and weather resistance, long lasting ozone resistance and many other features. The EXTREME hose range includes advanced solutions to meet special requirements of being light in weight and flexible, for example PILOT to the high flow rates like XTRAFLOW.

The range is organised by:

ISOBARIC hoses offer that use a friendly method of hose selection thanks to consistent pressure levels of any size which follow the modern ISO isobaric specifications.

The hose range is completed with the group of APPLICATION ORIENTATED products which are designed for specific applications.

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