Bình Tích Áp FB Series

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Products by Fow Force
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Specification ㆍMax. Discharge Flow : Up to 2,400LPM
ㆍ Max. Working Pressure : Up to 690Bar
ㆍ Volume : 0.075Liter to 757Liter
ㆍ Certification :ASME,ABS, BV, DNV, GL, RINA, SELO
Materials ㆍShell & Fluid port : 34CrMo4, Stainless steel
ㆍ Bladder : NBR(STD), Viton(FKM), Butyl, EPDM
Main Features ㆍHigh-reliability products(Quick response, high durability and corrosion resistance)
ㆍ Covering a variety of application
ㆍ Electronic control functions(option)
 - Piston position monitoring
 - Operating pressure and temperature responsive sensing
  (Proactive maintenance functions)